Who we are


At SBE, our number-one goal is to be market leader in specialty chemical sector. We accomplish this by creating custom solutions and quality products for our customers. SBE focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added performance additive for various industries, such as beet and cane sugar, paper and pulp, textiles, leather, detergent, hospital, agricultural and fuel ethanol. SBE has an experience of over to decade in the field of specialty chemicals, the ability to find innovative solutions to customers’ needs while addressing health, safety and environmental issues is key to our growth.


SBE an innovative specialty chemicals company has developed a large number of products. We offer serveral product ranges serve for many sectors. Our chemical products and technical services enhance our customer processes improve their product quality and lower their cost.



We pride ourselves in delivering customized solutions drawing from wide range of chemistries and partnering closely with you to develop just the right product for your need. Whether its taking a traditional chemistry to an advanced level of performance or developing a product for an entirely new application responsiveness and speed are qualities that really set us apart. Our technical service representatives actively monitor how our products perform in your production setting and quickly respond if adjustments are need.

“Our success is directly related to our customer’s success”

If our customers aren’t successful

“We can’t be successful”


Quality Policy

SBE Quality Policy


We are committed to continually improving the quality of our service. It is our duty to develop long term partnerships with each of our customers. We feel this is best achieved by delivering products and services 100% right the first time, on time, every time. To do this we will adhere to the following principles.



SBE will only purchase products from specifically approved plant and will only supply products to customers from plants whose products they have approved. We regularly visit our suppliers to evaluate them not only on the basis of ability to deliver satisfactory products on a timely and cost-efficient basis but also on their commitment to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


Product quality improvement

SBE will continue our program of regular visits to our supplier’s plants and will continue to educate them on the quality of product and service required by our customer’s. SBE uniquely able to do this, as almost all of our sales representatives are technically trained (chemist, chemical engineer’s microbiologists, QC) most with in-plant or industrial laboratory experience. SBE will also continue to search for new products as well as for new sources for products where we feel our existing sources have lapsed in either product or delivery quality and or have failed to meet the needs of our customers or markets.



We will only send production quality samples to customers and we will send lab-produced or pilot plant sample only by prior agreement. We will provide pre-shipment and co-shipment samples any time they are required. Samples will always be accompanied by appropriate occupational safety and health administration.


Corrective action

In the event of a complaint, SBE will take appropriate action to rectify the situation. This typically involves contacting the supplier or other persons involved including SBE employees, to determine the best way to handle the situation and ensure compliance with our quality standards.


Clientele list

We have long term relationship


Our client list includes domestic and international entities of various size from different industries. Our team of experienced professionals provides specialty chemical solutions in a manner where client satisfaction is top priority.

Some of our client relationships have spanned more than a decade and we have had a number of clients who return to us after a few years-to help them as they continue building their exiting or to assist them as they began building a ‘new’ business. SBE ensure confidentiality and professional ethic, name and nature of business of client are not provided on the website.


Prospective Business Size


  • SME
  • Mid corporate
  • Large corporate
  • Potential sectors
  • Industrial sector
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